Does the communicator need a phone attached to it? No, but the communicator needs to be connected to an active phone line thru the modular phone jack at the wall.

Will Lifeline communicators work with DSL phone service? Yes, however specific installation needs may vary and depend on the phone carrier.

Should I lose power – How long will the unit run on its battery? The 6900 home communicator has a rechargeable battery backup of up to 30 hours offering added protection during a power failure.

What is the range of the Personal Help Buttons (PHBs)? The environment of each home determines the actual effective range of the personal help buttons and must be range tested in each individual situation. This should be done as part of the installation process.

How do I have my equipment repaired if it is not working properly? Our returns process is both convenient and easy: Simply call our Lifeline Coordinator and when possible we can troubleshoot over the phone, if not we will schedule a time to make a visit to your home and replace or repair your equipment.

How do I clean my PHB? Your Personal Help Button is designed to be worn in the shower or bath. You can submerge your button in warm water for easy cleaning.

How much does it cost? For about $1 a day Philips Lifeline can connect you to the right help, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the push of a button. Pay for service on a monthly basis, just while you need it. We won’t ask you to sign a long-term contract, confront hidden costs, or buy special equipment.