Visiting Nurse Association


REPORTS TO: Executive Director


SUPERVISES: Quality Improvement Specialist, Community Program Staff, VNA Receptionist


Is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of the organization's Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Program. Ensures agency is in compliance with industry regulations and accreditation standards.  Directs Community Wellness Program.


Holds a BSN or higher from an accredited school that provides community health preparation; is licensed to practice in the State of Iowa; has had home health experience at staff or management level; has demonstrated commitment to the provision of quality care; has transportation, current Iowa driver's license and adequate insurance as outlined in the personnel policies.  A physical examination completed at the time of employment with a physician's statement of the employee's ability to perform the duties of the job is required.  Annual TB testing required.  All offers of employment are conditioned upon the result of a criminal background check conducted by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, as required by law and a negative finding on the Office of Inspector General’s Excluded Provider List. 

Must have the ability to lift 35 lbs from floor to counter 3 times (to simulate lifting into trunk of car).  Lift 50 lbs from floor to counter 1 time.  Lift 50 lbs from counter to floor 1 time.  EE needs to be able to sit on floor fully and get back up.  Ability to carry 35 lbs up and down a flight of stairs.  Push/pull 35 lbs on a 2 wheel cart.                


The employee will demonstrate strong professional nursing skills, leadership, analysis and decision making abilities.  The employee will demonstrate a high level of understanding of the nursing process, health care ethics and legalities, the change process, and the current health care system.  The employee will demonstrate the ability to understand and explain written regulations to staff with the ability to communicate effectively in the English language both orally and in writing with a variety of disciplines. The employee will demonstrate attention to details and the organizational skills necessary to manage several projects simultaneously.  The employee will demonstrate competence in Microsoft word, excel, and power point and the ability to collect, clearly document and analyze data.


The employee will perform the duties of the job in an office setting in an office during employed hours.  The ambient noise level in this environment is generally low.  The employee will demonstrate proficiency with common office machines, especially computers.


The job requires the ability to sit for long periods at a desk, and may include the physical demands of lifting, reaching, walking, climbing stairs, driving, etc.


The essential duties are to be performed satisfactorily with or without reasonable accommodation.  The following duties are normal for this position.  While this list is intended to be an accurate reflection of the job, it is not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive.  Other duties may be required and assigned by the employer.

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI)

1. Facilitates the VNA QAPI Program in a manner that promotes high quality care involving staff and community volunteers with participation in Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement activities, including educating staff about QAPI principles and processes, group facilitation, individual guidance and working with organizational advisory committees.

2. Oversees and maintains annual QAPI plan with goals, monitoring activities, and evaluation and reporting.  Includes leading and documenting Annual VNA Evaluation and completing Annual QAPI Report in cooperation with the Quality Improvement Specialist.

3. Develops and manages reports and tools to efficiently collect, document and analyze quality assurance data.  

4. Evaluates and interprets outcome results and provides leadership to staff and management in activities to improve the organization’s performance.

5. Reports current performance and status of QAPI activities to VNA Management Team, VNA Board, and Professional Advisory Committee, making recommendations for change as necessary to ensure effective, high quality services.

Compliance Activities

6. Directs agency compliance plan as VNA Compliance Officer.   Maintains competency with applicable federal and state regulations, facilitates access to reference materials and resources, and assists managers and staff to maintain ongoing compliance   Provides guidance in interpretation and enforcement of regulations and standards affecting organizational programs. 

7. Provides leadership in developing annual staff education plans and conducting staff education in cooperation with Clinical Services Manager.  Develops education and in-service resources.

8. Facilitates external surveys, including organization of pre-survey materials, communication with survey agencies, coordination of survey activities, and coordination of any post-survey follow up.

9. Serves as the HIPAA Compliance Officer to assure compliance to HIPAA regulations.  Manages the VNA privacy policies and plan.

10. Evaluates the health and safety programs including Infection Control and Surveillance program, CLIA waived laboratory services, and employee injury prevention.  

11. Maintains knowledge of VNA home care billing and clinical software in order to promote and identify VNA compliance with regulatory standards.  Assists with clinical development, education, and problem solving regarding the MIS system and computerized documentation.

12. Works with Financial Department and Clinical staff to ensure accuracy of billing and documentation.

13. Functions as VNA OASIS Administrator.  Provides overall direction in OASIS management, assists in ensuring timely data collection, processing and transmission.  Ensures regular download and follow-up of OASIS reports.

14. Provides oversight of additional benchmarking including Home Health Value Based Purchasing and the CAHPS patient survey, and home health Improvement projects.

Program Planning and Development

15. Oversees the development, maintenance and application of policies and procedures that reflect the needs of the organization, and assists in educating staff regarding organization expectations.  Works closely with employees and management to develop, implement and maintain appropriate standards, processes, documentation methods, educational manuals and supplies/equipment needed for organizational programs.

16. Assists in recognizing unmet needs within the organization and assists in program planning and development.

17. Facilitates and documents meetings of the VNA Professional Advisory Committee and coordinates regular review of clinical policies and procedures.

18. Facilitates funding request applications for grants, and develops appropriate procedures and reports needed to comply with the terms of the grants.

Community and Emergency/Disaster Activities

19. Provides oversight of Community Program Coordinator in carrying out community health activities. 

20. Participates in emergency and disaster planning with Johnson County Health and Johnson County, and facilitates training, organization, and activation of VNA Community nurses in response to community needs.

21. Participates in community health initiatives as assigned.

22. In emergency situations, provides comprehensive nursing services in the home or community/clinic setting, including assessment, problem identification, goal setting and planning appropriate nursing interventions for clients.

General Requirements

23. Maintains current CPR training and knowledge of correct responses in emergency situations

24. Complies with state-mandated dependent adult and child abuse mandatory reporter training.

25. Completes backup tasks as assigned. 

26. Complies with organizational policies.

27. Performs other duties as necessary, including required participation in VNA emergency/ disaster plans.