REPORTS TO:  Clinical Services Manager

SUPERVISES:  Home Care Aides assigned to specific cases, Physical Therapy Assistant, if applicable.

WORKS CLOSELY WITH:  VNA Health Care Delivery Staff , Quality Manager

EMPLOYMENT STATUS:  Exempt, salaried

SUMMARY OF DUTIES:  Provides comprehensive physical therapy services to individuals in the home setting for the purpose of developing and restoring function through rehabilitative physical therapy.  Accepts primary care responsibilities and coordinates with other disciplines and community agencies.

JOB REQUIREMENTS:  Graduate from an approved School of Physical Therapy, licensed to practice in the State of Iowa.  One year experience providing direct patient services in a health care setting.  Car, driver's license and adequate insurance as outlined in the personnel policies.   Required is a physical examination completed at the time of employment.  Annual TB screening is required.  All offers of employment are conditioned upon the result of a criminal background check conducted by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, as required by law and a negative finding on the Office of Inspector General’s Excluded Provider List.

WORK ENVIRONMENT AND EQUIPMENT:  Work is performed in clients' homes with the employee driving from home to home during the work period.  The clients' homes are throughout the service area, including Iowa City, small towns and rural areas.  The driving requirements include in-town and highway driving in good and inclement weather.  All professional staff will use laptop computers to document their work in the client homes or at the clinic sites.

SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE:  The employee will demonstrate skill and knowledge in providing professional therapy services for the treatment of the effects of acute and/or chronic illnesses.  The employee will demonstrate organizational skills required to manage several client appointments and necessary follow ups each day; the employee will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in the English Language, both orally and in writing.

PHYSICAL/COGNITIVE DEMANDS:  The employee will perform the duties of the job at the clients' homes during employed hours.  The duties may include performing prescribed exercises, assisting with transferring clients from one place to another, assisting with ambulation, etc.  These duties require the physical demands of lifting,  reaching, pushing, walking, going up and down stairs, driving, etc.  The job requires you to have the ability to lift 35 lbs from floor to counter 3 times (to simulate lifting into trunk of car).  Lift 50 lbs from floor to counter 1 time.  Lift 50 lbs from counter to floor 1 time.  EE needs to be able to sit on floor fully and get back up.  Ability to carry 35 lbs up and down a flight of stairs.  Push/pull 35 lbs on a 2 wheel cart.  Must be able to reach, push, walk, go up and down stairs, drive, etc., with or without the use of assistive/adaptive devices.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES:  To be performed satisfactorily with or without reasonable accommodation.  The following duties are normal for this position.  While this list is intended to be an accurate reflection of the job, it is not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive.  Other duties may be required and assigned by the employer.

  1. Provides comprehensive physical therapy services to individuals and families in the home setting, evaluating functional abilities and developing a plan of intervention aimed at restoring and maximizing the patient's ability to perform physical tasks independently or with the use of aids (braces, crutches, prosthetic devices) and advises and consults with the patient and family.
  1. Accepts primary care responsibilities and coordinates services of all disciplines as needed.
  1. Plans, coordinates and provides services to special groups as assigned.
  1. Complies with agency standards on visit productivity.
  1. Complies with agency policies on frequency of home visits to meet individual and family needs.
  1. Complies with agency policies regarding the maintenance and preparation of records and reports.
  1. Provides patient medical, geographical, financial and statistical information as needed by the agency.
  1. Manages a caseload or group of patients efficiently and effectively, reporting appropriately to the Clinical Services Manager, physician, etc.
  1. Participates as necessary in orientation of new staff and in demonstrating of agency services to other staff, students and visitors.
  1. Maintains knowledge of community resources, utilizes appropriately and coordinates services to meet needs of individuals and families.
  1. Represents the agency in community activities, meetings as required.
  1. Promotes optimal independence of patients while meeting their needs.
  1. Participates in in-service programs as required, both as presenter and learner.
  1. Participates in agency group meetings, staffing and projects as required.
  1. Participates in evaluation of agency services as assigned.
  1. Maintains, up-grades knowledge through continuing education programs, review of literature, etc., applicable to home and community health.
  1. Seeks ways to develop physical therapy services as an integral part of home health care through marketing efforts and community networking as requested
  1. Provides Safety assessment and training for VNA staff to prevent workplace injuries, and as part of the VNA Safety program for post-injury employees returning after an on-the-job injury
  1. Performs safety assessments on potential clients prior to VNA admission as requested.
  1. Maintains current CPR training and knowledge of expected performance in emergency situation.
  1. Performs other duties as necessary, including required participation in VNA emergency/ disaster plans.