On average, 36,000 Americans die from influenza every year, and more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu complications.  The Visiting Nurse Association flu clinics help to ensure that our community is protected.  The VNA provides flu and pneumonia vaccination clinics at local businesses, schools, places of worship, residential communities and public locations each fall.  It matters that you get a flu shot this season as a good step toward health.  However, it also matters WHERE you get your flu shot.  When you get your flu shot from the Visiting Nurse Association, revenue from the program is reinvested back into the community to provide home care.

Flu and Pneumonia vaccine (PPSV23 & PCV13) is available at our office: Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm by appointment. Please call 319-337-9686 to schedule.

The Visiting Nurse Association is offering the following vaccines this year:

Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine                        Pneumonia Vaccine (PPSV23)                        Pneumonia Vaccine (PCV13)

We will directly bill your insurance company, Medicare B or Medicare Replacement Policies.  Please bring your current medical insurance card with you. Vaccine will be available at no charge to children enrolled in Medicaid or children who do not have  insurance. We do not need a doctor’s order for children. 

Please note: Medicaid for adults will not be accepted this year.

If you would like to fill out your consent forms before you attend a clinic or appointment, they are located below. Please note: the child consent is two pages. Thank you

Adult Consent                               Child Consent